If you discover a diamond in a pile of coal, chances are you're going to reach for that which is valuable. Among the din in today's popular music scene here you've found that gem; a gifted young group of musicians that make us all proud.”

— Blues Flash


Infinite Monkey Theorem (IMT) began in 2015 in Richmond, VA when guitarist, Gabriel Metzger, decided to put together a group of musicians who wanted to be more than just a "Garage Band".  Albeit a very young group of musicians, their sound and style is founded on Blues Rock.

It has taken a few iterations to get just the right chemistry and commitment in the band, but IMT is ready to show Richmond what the up and coming youth have to offer musically.  IMT offers an eclectic cover list that can easily cater a full performance for every client.  IMT has been very fortunate to receive a lot of support from local bands such as Blues Flash, Double Down, Jackson Ward and Sweet Justice.  They have performed at venues such as Rare Olde Times, Marty's, Keagan's, Kindred Spirits Brewing, Canal Club, Dominion Club and James River Cellars.  They have played at festivals like Harbor Blast and are scheduled to perform at the 2017 Hanover Tomato Festival and Carytown Watermelon Festival. They have opened for Jackson Ward and Cedar Creek at the Cold Harbor Ruritan's annual Shrimp Festival for the past three years and also opened for Big Gun, a national touring AC/DC tribute band at Richmond Harley Davidson.




Press photos

Infinite Monkey Theorem (l-r):  Amira; Gabriel Metzger

Infinite Monkey Theorem (l-r): Amira; Gabriel Metzger